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I can't talk too indepth on this one, for fear of spoiling it for the two people who actually follow this blog (yet, rarely ever come on Dreamwidth), but I digress.
Iron Man 3 was a good action film, with a few bits I disliked, but was overall a more pleasing film than the second one.  The villain was better in this film than what had been seen in the first and second movies (sorry, Jeff Bridges).  Tony (as a character) was much better in this one, because I personally feel like I could relate to him.  Because I'm totally a billionaire with lovable quirks.  And I'm also Iron Man.
The only thing I really will say is that the Stan Lee cameo isn't as glorious as the one in The Amazing Spider-Man.  I don't think his appearance in any Marvel film after the Spider-Man reboot will be as great.
In other news, I did watch Scream 2 and it somehow managed to be dumber than the first one.  And I'm having the hardest time getting into Scream 3
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I think I'm going to use this blog for the good of mankind. And by that, I mean I'm going to straight up use it to talk about at least one movie a week. So, for week 1, I'm going to do two movies, Scream and the third sequel, Scream 4.

Prepare for spoilers.

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I recently bought Toy Story 3, and I've got to say that it's bugged me since t the first time I saw it two years ago that Buzz and Jessie are still very...not a couple. From the end of Toy Story 2 to the third one is about 8 years or so in their universe, so why are they still in the awkward "I like you, so let's flirt" stage? It irks me.

Don't even get me started on Bo.

I don't get why Pixar just kind of ignores the ladies sometimes. I mean, it took seventeen years for them to have a female protagonist. Bugs me. I still think they're amazing, but I don't know. more ladies, please!
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1) I recently watched Pocahontas II for the first time in thirteen years. It was awful. I'm not the biggest fan of sequels, but I don't hate all of them. Like, I enjoy some of them! But this one completely destroys the integrity of the first film. I hated this when I was five or so, still hate the shit out of it at age 19.

2) I'm finally getting around to watching "Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets," something I pre, ordered in freaking July. I think after I'm done watching this, I might make a post comparing the different DC shows, because I have spent HOURS of my life watching these shows.
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I'm going to go with the Ally route and primarily use this blog for movie feels because that's the only constant in my life: watching movies. I might post here and there with actual real life stuff, but that's always far and in between because I'm really boring as a person and I only get two days off a week, which are usually spent watching movies and catching up on some sleep.

Anywho...I bought Monster House a couple weeks back because fuck saving money, I'm going to spend all the dough I earn on DVDs I don't need!

I hadn't seen the movie since it came out in 2006 when my former BFF and I saw it in theaters. I remember liking it because it was funny. Not the greatest, but whatever. Like I said, I bought it on a whim because it was $5 and I like darker children's films like this.

Well, I'm watching it right now (because when one holiday is up, I'm longing for a different one) and dear lord do I hate the animation.

Like, the story is alright. It's funny and fairly clever, but I just can't get past how awful the animation in this is!

Take for instance, when Zee was rocking out to her music. Had this been a Disney film, you would've seen her move with such fluidity and you would've seen each strand of hair move with her like a normal non-animated human's would.

Not in this one, no sir! When Zee was moving, her hair was not. I get and understand that hair is kind of a pain in the ass and people usually avoid doing massive amounts of hair (save for Pixar films, where characters like Sulley and Merida exist and have thousands upon thousands of strands of hair that need to be animated), but is is too hard to ask that the hair not look like plastic?

The entire movie looks really plastic/video game like and it's just really off-putting.

Otherwise, the film itself is good. Just ugly as sin.


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