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Merry Christmas, Alessandra and Gianna!

Prepare for shitty iPod pictures.



Matching Jewelry

Both of Ya
1) Coin purse: I was originally going to put the jewelry in there, and then decided against it, for reasons. But, since I had already bought it, I thought "why not?"
2) Hunchback of Notre Dame cards: I SWEAR TO GOD, THIS IS WHY DOLLAR STORES ARE THE GREATEST. I was walking around and saw these and was like OMAGFLKAFJLASDJ. PERFECTION. Just a little gag gift for you guys to enjoy. Because, seriously, who the hell still carries HoND trading cards? (And they actually had at one point carried Anastasia & The Lion King ones earlier in the summer, but by the time I got there in November, I didn't see them anymore, which was a damn shame)
3) "Matching" jewelry: So, I decided to make jewelry, for whatever reason. I bought different kinds of clay: pink (for Gigi), a light blue (for Ally), and a more teal color (for myself). I then bought a mold off Etsy and then, volia! I had little flowers! Then I bought some charms and this was the reasoning behind why I chose what I chose: Ally got the key that looked classy (because she super classy, yo), I got the simpler looking one (because that's just how I roll), and Gigi got the bigger one, because there is no denying that she's kind of our ring-leader. She was the creator of the community and without her, none of us would've met. So it felt fitting. The earrings were included just because (: I actually might re-do these necklaces and send them out at a later date when I've searched high & low for appropriate charms, but that will be at a later date.

Specific to Ally

1) Kermit plush: So, for some odd reason, I can't help but forever associate you with Kermit. So, when I saw this at my work (because I had to buy you something from Walgreens!), I just knew it'd be perfect for you (:
2) Green Bay Packers mug: the "Wisconsin" gift. I felt a coffee mug would've been perfect for you, since you and I bond over a shared interest of coffee (and then a strong disdain of tea - sorry, Gigi!) And there really isn't anything more obnoxiously Wisconsin than the Green Bay Packers.

Specific to Gigi

1) Minnie Mouse plush: for me, you are kind of the definition of everything Disney. And the most "Disney" Disney thing is Mickey, but, since you a girl, I had to get you Minnie (: Also because you're adorable like Minnie (:
2) University of Wisconsin shirt: the "Wisconsin" gift. I'd seen this shirt, and thought it was super cute, and since you had no objections over getting a shirt, I just hadda get it for you!
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